• 29,000-foot view: I recently flew from Columbus to Hartford with my usual connection in Baltimore.  As I was enjoying some down time on the leg to Hartford it was obvious that winter is here; the ground is lightly snow covered, mixed with clouds and it was hard to figure out where I was at any given moment.  Of course I am not a pilot, but I consider myself fairly competent in geography!  Certainly I was flying over urban, rural and suburban areas, I just could not differentiate them from that first look.  All three are great spots to land in but not all are right for me
  • As a kid, I had a poster of my favorite hockey player on the wall.  More than likely a few adorned the walls of my room and I was proud to showcase them to friends!  Now that I am a few years older and have an office that is frequented by colleagues and clients, I am very careful to not showcase any specific points of view that could easily turn someone off.   
  • In Financial Services, advisors have several choices in how they can work with clients.  You can be an employee of a bank, regional firm or wire-house.  You can be a sole proprietor with an independent affiliation to a broker dealer or custody platform.  You can even be an employee or affiliated advisor to a sole proprietor who has chosen one of the above options.  No matter which one applies to you, you owe it to yourself to regularly evaluate your current opportunity in comparison to the alternatives in the marketplace.  Are you being compensated fairly, is the su
  • As there are in life, many stereotypes exist within Financial Services and they are often misguided and incorrect.  It is human nature to label someone or something before meeting them based on very little information we have about them.  More often than not, we have done this prematurely and quickly change our opinions.