Can I reach a live person to discuss my business and how best to evaluate my options in the marketplace?

You can call (650) 275-3476 or e-mail to support@joinafirm.com, with any questions and someone will get back to you. JAF is supported by 5 regional offices, which ensure a great customer experience.

Who pays the fee for this service?

Independent firms who are listing on JAF pay an annual listing fee.  JAF offers tiered pricing plans and individually priced Add-ons to accommodate the varying recruiting needs of different offices. All of the pricing can be found on the Services page.  Advisors who are using this tool to find an independent opportunity aren’t required to pay for JAF.

As a listing firm, are there others services I can explore?

JAF is affiliated with Finetooth Consulting, who provides a broad range of services, such as Transition Advisory and Solutions, Practice Management, Peer Reporting, Succession Planning & Outsourced Recruiting.