For Advisors

Value Proposition

If you are an employee-based financial advisor who is frustrated with continued payout reductions, support problems and conflicting corporate culture that prevents you from servicing your clients properly; Join A Firm can help you. JAF will provide you with the opportunity to become independent without the burden of establishing and running a company.  This opportunity lies within wealth management firms that are already established in your city or community that would like to have other Advisors join them.  Join A Firm allows you the Advisor, to privately identify firms locally or nationally, that may be a more suitable fit for your practice. You can identify these established firms by using the map-search on this site.

Financial Advisors who currently run a stand-alone practice may not be as profitable as they expected, or perhaps would like the camaraderie and idea-generating culture of a larger firm. They may also utilize this site to identify local practices that want to expand by combining forces with other Advisors. Solo practicioners may also find succession planning opportunities within Join A Firm which will ensure an exit plan for them and the security of knowing cients will be serviced properly.

Complimentary Services

Advisors that create an account on JAF will receive a number of complimentary services, provided by Finetooth Consulting.  The services are geared toward helping the Advisor increase their exposure to Listing Firms on the site. 

  • Advisor Profile: (In depth business analysis)
  • Q&A Session: (Provides questions to use when speaking with Listing Firms)

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